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Emergency Garage Door Repair Columbus, Ohio

24/7 Emergency Service

emergency garage door repairThere’s no good time for your garage door to break, but there are worse times than others. When you’re in need of emergency garage repair service in Columbus, OH, we don’t think you should have to wait until “proper business hours” to get the help you need.

Call us any time of the night or day, seven days per week for help when:

  • Your garage door is stuck closed, trapping your vehicles inside
  • Someone drives into your garage door
  • Erratic door movements make entering/exiting your garage unsafe
  • The door will not close, exposing all of your possessions
  • Any other urgent problem presents itself

Same service, always

If you’ve ever called us to address an issue before, you remember how quickly and thoroughly your problem was solved. We offer that same service around the clock. Your experience is the same at midnight as it would be at lunchtime.

We are familiar with wood, steel, and custom garage doors of all types, as well as most models of garage door openers. This expertise means that your problems are solved quickly, allowing you to get back to bed before the sun comes up.

“We would have been unable to get our cars out and get to work in the morning if they had not been willing to come out late on a Wednesday night.” – Susan Nybell, a garage owner whose problem just couldn’t wait

We’ve seen it all (almost)

You’re not stuck hanging out to dry. Whatever your situation, we’ve heard worse. You thought you were in reverse? Heard it. Your teen stumbled with his barbells? Seen it. Squirrels fought their way in to steal your motorcycle. Okay, well…that’s a new one.

No matter the time of night or day, we have technicians waiting to provide emergency garage door repair service in Columbus, OH. Don’t hesitate. Call us for immediate assistance at (614) 440 - 3667.


Emergency Service

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